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I’m sorry but I have no puppies available at this time. I am not currently taking any names on my waiting list. 

white golden retrievers

Our English Cream Golden Retrievers have brought so much enjoyment to our lives that we realized we needed to share them to bring the same joy and happiness into the lives of others.  We feel that their loving disposition,  loyalty and ability to bring sunshine into the cloudiest day will be passed on to each of their puppies bringing fulfillment into the lives of others.  We are not a kennel, pet store, or irresponsible breeders but a family that loves English Cream Golden Retrievers and wants only the best for them.  

We are from Ellington Connecticut and live on the edge of Soapstone Mountain.  Originally we bought our first English Cream Golden Retriever, Sunny, for our youngest son Nathan.  We knew our 11 year old Golden Retriever Cooper was slowing down and we hoped when he passed Sunny would help pick up the pieces.  Well Sunny was such a bundle of joy she revived Cooper and he lived another year, romping around and trying to keep up with her.  She wiggled her way into the heart of the family and has been there ever since. Then our daughter, after having 3 girls of her own, wanted her children to experience growing up with a beautiful English cream Golden Retriever and that is how Lacey came into our lives. 

We extensively researched the background of many of the English Cream Golden Retrievers in the surrounding states looking for a male that would complement our females.  The criteria used was:

  • Loving disposition
  • Well behaved
  • Good with children
  • OFA certifications
  • Playful
  • Show quality
  • Champion bloodlines

The first time we met Majik from Pristine Puppies in Pennsylvania we knew that our search had come to an end.   Majik is a beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever.  His bloodlines are impeccable, his certifications are all in order, and he meets all of the above criteria.   I was impressed that he is in a kennel free facility, raised in a family atmosphere enjoying family life just like our Goldens. 

Why do we call our Golden Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retrievers?  They are all from the Golden Retriever family, and range in color from dark mahogany to almost white.   Underneath they are all the same loyal, loving pets.  Sunny's parents come from Poland and the Netherlands, Grandparents are from Sweden and Hungry, going back another generation they are from England.  The white color is not as prevalent in the United States as the darker colors so by calling them English Cream Golden Retrievers it is easier to describe them.  Others call them English Golden Retrievers, British Golden Retrievers, White Golden Retrievers, English White Golden Retrievers.  Many names one breed.

english golden retriever puppies

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